Before Hitting 50–What I Wish I Knew



What I woulda done differently leading up to . . .


1) Eating                           Quality of Life  

It all adds up. No, not talking about calories.

WAY BACK WHEN, my I’m-young-and-who-cares attitude influenced my nutritional selection. However, everything I ate when I was twenty slowly caught up and caused: fatigue, hot flashes, brain fog, whining joints, etc. I treated my body like a trash compactor, feeding it JUNK food and packaged crap cuisine. Overeating built up fat deposits. Sugar in any form was/is as addictive as heroin and blocked my taste buds from tasting real food.

Life Lesson: To avoid later regrets, I would have trained myself to eat LOTS of vegetables, and disciplined myself to indulge in sugary treats only once a week. Self-control is a virtue.


2) Exercising                   It Pays off

GROWING UP in the heart of the Rockies, I had no problem exercising daily. Climbing trees, hiking mountains, riding horses. In college, I met a new friend—aerobics! I liked it so much I later got certified to teach. I’m coordinated, love to dance, and love to teach—the perfect combo. If it weren’t for the poor eating, I wouldn’t have developed any real health issues.

Life Lesson: It takes 28 days to form a habit. Exercise is one you won’t regret. As Nike used to say, “Just Do It!”




3) Living                            Celebrate Often

CONFESSION: I larped LINK from elementary all the way through high school. Hollywood calls it acting; my friends and I called it playing.

My mom taught me to love games. Playing & games are activities that should never fade as we age. It’s never too late! Invite your friends/family over and play, dance, sing, act, laugh, and occasionally eat cake. Your kids might think you’re weird, but their friends will say, “Your parents are so cool.” Besides, when your grandkids come along, you’ll already be  rockin’.

Life Lesson: Turn the smallest success/achievement into a reason to celebrate with friends—not to your own glory, but simply as a reason to have fun.


4) Temporal vs Eternal             Discover the Difference

IF I HAD grasped the difference between things temporal and things eternal when I was 20, I would have lived out points 1-3 with purpose and not just on purpose. There is a time for everything. The above are temporal, meaning they will pass like the grass. In light of eternity, eating, drinking & fun mean nothing!

Life Lesson: Align your life with the eternal purpose. Avoid a random existence. Understand that hedonistic habits result in absolute emptiness.




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4 Responses to “Before Hitting 50–What I Wish I Knew”

  1. Ah, just hit the 50 and fly right on by. I already hit the 60. 62 to be exact. Fear Not, can’t fix the past but you can live today. God has plans for us no matter our age.

  2. Genstacia says:

    Congratulations Julie. Good life lessons!

  3. J.A.Marx says:

    Hi Genstacia! How is life across the pond?
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. J.A.Marx says:

    Amen, Patty. 🙂


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