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I’VE BEEN TAGGED in a crazy blog hop by my fellow author and couch-friend Jackie Castle, awesome composer of YA fantasy novels ←check out her books.


THE AUTHOR’S LIFE according to J.A. Marx

What am I working on?  I’m wrapping up edits on the 3rd book in my supernatural suspense series, Destiny Defended. ALSO i’ve started a new book, possible title: Unpardonable Crime, full of spiritual warfare.

How does my work differ from others in it’s genre? My genre is speculative. But my work differs in the area of psychological depth and healing the soul. High impact spiritual warfare.

Destiny Defied J.A. Marx Embattled Spirit

Destiny Defied 







Why do I write what I do?  Honestly, I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. I see warfare all around me, and my heart aches to see believers become victorious in Christ.  Jesus destroyed the works of the devil and said “the Kingdom is here”! It’s here, and He gave us the keys (Matt 16:19). My hope is that readers will discover their role in the Kingdom and jump into the Spirit’s flow…

How does your writing process work?  Generally, an idea sparks and I start writing. I keep writing a few chapters until I have an idea of the setting and the characters come alive. Then I stop and shape the characters in depth (personality, history, connections, etc). After that, I continue writing and discover what happens next. I love to be surprised!


If you enjoyed this peek into the author’s life, check out my fellow author and friend the amazing romance writer, Lisa Crane, to learn what goes on in her mind.

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Soon to come, Sheryl Holmes 


The Way of the Embattled Spirit


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