The Destiny Series

Destiny Defied, Volume 1

bk1renderTrapped on a mysterious island, eighteen-year-old Riki finds refuge with four odd college boys. Isaac, the rugged EMT, insists no one else is around, but Riki cannot ignore her fear that someone is stalking her. Unless she finds a power truly great enough to overthrow Darkness, Riki will choose death over returning to captivity.

Lord Vétis, high priest of a cultic underground, will stop at nothing to reclaim the chosen one, but he must do so before her introduction to the real world ruins her royal destiny. Using black magic, he manipulates Riki and her self-assigned bodyguards, igniting a battle that consumes the entire island. The underground will never allow Riki to live out her dreams of a normal life … something she has never known.



Destiny Delivered, Volume 2


Chiara escaped nineteen years captivity and is now rebuilding her life from scratch. Everything would be fine if there were no men around for her to hate.

Isaac goes overboard in trying to get the mysterious Chiara, a former sex slave, accepted into his community. Few are willing to look beyond her social bumbling to find her hidden worth.

Just when things couldn’t get worse, the FBI tracks Chiara down and coerces her into helping them catch a murder/trafficker. Isaac’s wish to understand her unimaginable past comes true. He not only experiences her old world firsthand, he encounters the man who wants Chiara dead.



Destiny Defended – Rakshasha’s Curse, Volume 3

bk2renderChoose … or someone will die

Studying at the university, Chiara is determined to give back to the community that gave her a second chance at life…until she learns she is contaminated. She submits to a strange religious practice designed to purge her of past corruption.

Isaac doesn’t understand why his courting tactics aren’t working. But he won’t give up, because Chiara possesses all the characteristics he’s ever wanted in a wife.

When her secrets are finally exposed, Chiara must choose to conquer, or be conquered. Both options risk disgrace and the loss of acceptance she has fought so hard to gain. Will her friends still embrace her? Will Isaac still want to marry her once he is confronted by the harsh truth?

Will she ever find her place in this world?


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