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EVERY AUTHOR desires to write the book that flies off the shelf, the novel that people can’t put down and they recommend it to all their friends and family. Truth is, authors and publishers don’t get to choose which book is a bestseller. Readers do.

Good news! Learning to write a captivating novel involves good storytelling ability combined with the wisdom and experience of the masters who live and breath the craft. So I’m excited that you’re here. Yes, writer, you can do this!

I Can Help. I love authors, new and seasoned, and I’ve been coaching privately, both one-on-one and group style, for several years as a ministry. I’m delighted to step into the public arena, and I’d love the opportunity to partner with you to improve your writing skills.


J.A.’s encouraging guidance, practical information, and constructive edits have proven invaluable to my growth as a writer. Her experience and keen eye helped inform my writing process, increase my storytelling abilities, and tighten up my non-fiction manuscript. I highly recommend her to any author looking to take their craft to the next level.

– Jen Weaver, author of “A Wife’s Secret to Happiness”


A FREEBEE to get you started: Here are 21 of the best writing tips from the man who taught me how to write: Jerry Jenkins (click his name)


Consulting and Editing


FREE ASSESSMENT: your first 2 pages, evaluated from a birds-eye view and with sincere commentary.

(Submission requirement: New Times Roman 12pt, double-spaced)


All following services paid in advance (PayPal/credit card, cash, or check):


Basic assessment: (This is similar to entering a contest, only your manuscript is the main focus with detailed feedback)

  • First ten pages – $15 (Receive a valuable estimate on how close your project is to publication-ready, and how much work is required–copyediting and content editing. Basic content editing to include 1-2 examples of editing necessary to make your work shine)
  • First 50 pages – $35 (Same as above, just more)

(Submission requirement: New Times Roman 12pt, double-spaced)


One-on-one consultation

  • Phone or FaceTime: $50 per hour
  • In person, within the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex: $60 per hour


Group teaching: $300 per hour (+travel and printing expenses)

  • “Setting — the Unsung Character” Turning your setting into an organic character.
  • “Applying The Moral Premise (Hands on workshop 1.5 hours for small groups 10-25 people)
  • “Creating Conflict…Naturally” (Bringing Personalities Alive in Your Characters)
  • More topics to come…


Content Editing 

Novels & novellas– $4.50 per page

  • Characterization (conflict, conveying emotions, villains and heroes, etc)
  • Point of View
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Punctuation & grammar (basic copyediting)
  • Moral premise, story premise & theme development


Nonfiction editing

  • Memoir (full length) – $4.50 per page
  • Christian living & self-help (full length) $4.50 per page
  • Devotionals – .15 per word


Ghost Writing

  • Negotiated per project (nonfiction only)


J.A. DOES NOT EDIT: Resumes. Poetry. Illustration. Music lyrics. Horror. Erotica. Technical/medical writing. Blogs.


CAVEAT – Mentoring never guarantee publication by traditional pub house. To get picked up by a publishing house, you must attend a writer’s conference and pitch your work to an editor. 


ASK J.A. to mentor you as a writer:

Either message her via Facebook, or:


Good To Know…

THREE Ways to Publish a Book:

1) Traditional: a legitimate book publishing house offers you a contract for your manuscript. They provide cover design, copy editing, a publicist etc. They put your book out on multiple outlets and co-marketing with you. You do not pay them. Everyone gets paid when the book sells. Your cut is 30%-70% depending on the size of house and whether you are agented. Occasionally, they offer an advance.

*How to:   1) Connect with a publishing house acquisition editor at a writers conference, 2) Find an literary agent (at a conference). If they like your work, they’ll offer to represent you to publishers. *If you submit your manuscript cold, it will end up in the slush pile or trash bin. (Recognize publishing scams)


2) Independent, or self-publishing: The author is responsible for everything listed under traditional pub. You receive %100 of your book earnings after Amazon (or other venue) takes their cut. Well known authors with a large following greatly succeed at this.


3) Vanity publishing: the author pays this company to publish the book. This can cost anywhere from $2,000-$30,000 (or more). And then you do all the marketing yourself and usually end up with 100-1,000 books sitting in your garage. I highly advise against paying anyone to publish your work.

Note on literary agents: There are pros and cons, but the important information is: never pay any literary agent to represent your work. This is a scam. Agents receive their cut when the book sells through the traditional publisher.

Check out: Writer Beware for detailed info on the above topics.


A hidden snare to a wannabe author

Self publishing. I’m not opposed to this option, and half of my work is self-pubbed. The problem arises when a new writer types up what they believe is a great story yet does not put it through the pre-publish gauntlet: professional editing and serious critique (alpha & beta readers), professional cover design, and a marketing plan. Once your novel is in cyberspace, it’s there forever, mistakes and all—and painful reviews from readers. So I encourage every writer who wishes to publish their work to take the necessary steps to hone skill and perfect manuscript.

Choose to suffer constructive criticism in private and reap good reviews in public.

Worthy Dreams are Worth thy Effort


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