Psychological Romantic Suspense

“Family Lies, Deadly Ties”

Released through Prism Book Group in May 2016.

FLDT Book cover 3D

Rylee Shepherd’s secret desire is tethered to a thirteen-year-old letter and the promise it holds. Penniless yet hopeful, she keeps that letter close to her heart and takes a nanny position on the lush island of Kauai. She’s soon charmed by her employer’s estranged son who walks her through doors she never intended to open.

Noah Logun has a shameful past, and his wealthy drama-queen mother orders him to stay away from their property and their nanny. Trapped in the crossfire, Rylee must choose between Noah and his generous mother.

Entrenched wickedness is preventing reconciliation and blocking love. Only in surrendering to the Spirit can Rylee overcome the prevailing darkness.

Author Endorsements:

“J.A. Marx is a master at writing suspense. Family Lies, Deadly Ties is her first romantic suspense, and I loved it. She created living, breathing characters and placed them in a setting that I want to visit someday. The suspense was skillfully woven through the story and kept me guessing. Don’t miss this book!”

–Lena Nelson Dooley, multi-award-winning author of the McKenna’s Daughters series–Maggie’s Journey, Mary’s Blessing, and Catherine’s Pursuit and other books.

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