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WELCOME to the 3rd installment of the Embattled Spirit series:

“What I Wish I’d Known . . .”

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When Buying Houses



1) LOCATION                                   Think Ahead

Country or city? If you’re experimenting with a new lifestyle, try potting rather than planting yourself for a year. Rent, or buy-on-trial something that resells quickly.

We’ve moved a lot, and each move has taken us to a larger city.  By the time we relocated to a Metroplex, we applied one piece of wisdom that gave us peace of mind: we rented for a year and took the time to get to know neighborhoods and townships before settling in for the long haul.


2) AGE IS A SIGN                Check the Appliances

The older houses have character, yes, but their inner workings may not turn out quite as appealing—and I’m not talking structure. Seriously, every house we’ve moved into, the appliance started conking out around the 15-year mark. If you’ve gotta have that 15-plus year old home, then budget for replacing most if not all appliances that haven’t already been replaced.


3) LESS IS MORE                  Avoiding the Tether

Several years ago, we were able to afford a $250,000 home, so we bought it. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve settled for one in the $150,000 range. Unless you like being tied to your home, live below your means so you can enjoy living.

Hint: upkeep/maintenance costs much more than you think.


4) DEEP CLEANSE                Spooky, but Real

We learned early on about spiritually anointing and cleansing our home. I don’t have space here to go into detail, but if you do want more info on this, then contact me and I’ll happily share.

After one particular move, we postponed anointing and cleansing process because we first had to complete a large project. During those first 2 weeks in the house, our son (3 yrs old), turned from an angel to an imp at night—totally out of character. We found out later that the renters before us were rebellious college students who had totally destroyed the place and it took the owners a solid month to restore everything. That spirit of rebellion hung around—in our son’s room.

Immediately after we invited God’s presence and blessed every inch of our home, our son returned to normal. Really strange, but totally true.



So scroll down to the comment section and tell us what you wish you’d done (will do) differently when buying your first home?



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