True Happiness



A wise man once told his disciples that true happiness comes in this order:


When I realize my life is a mess and I confess my need for divine help

Then I shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven (no longer an orphan, but a person with purpose)


When I mourn over the wickedness I commit in thought and deed

Then I shall be cleansed and forgiven (an unburdened heart)


When I’m meek (God’s unlimited power living through me but under divine control)

Then I shall inherit the earth (I am made of earth; my “earth” shall no longer be enslaved to wrong choices)


When I seek first God’s Kingdom—pursue righteousness over selfish gain

Then I shall be filled to satisfaction in all circumstances


When I am merciful

Then I shall experience mercy firsthand.

 But wait! This gets better.


When I no longer choose to commit willful wrongs—a pure spirit and mind

Then  I shall SEE God. For real.


When I become a peacemaker (only happens when I own forgiveness)

Then I shall be called son/daughter of God, (I’m given the ministry of reconciling people as I’ve been reconciled)


When I live in such a way that people harass me for doing what’s good and right

Then the Kingdom of heaven will be mine.


Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes of Matthew 5:1-12

Confess the mess

Mourn the wickedness

Walk in meekness

Pursue righteousness

Be merciful

Be pure in heart

Be a peacemaker

Endure harassment (for the above)

BLESSED are those who chose

A life worth living.

A life truly alive. 

The Way of the Embattled Spirit



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