Beyond the Satisfaction of a Court Sentence


Hit by the shockwave of Light!

Have you been a victim of grave injustice? Many of us have, and it’s healthy to desire justice; it’s even godly: “For I, the Lord, love justice…” Isaiah 61:8.

Unless you’re living in a cave, you’ve seen it on the news and heard it on the airwaves. The spiritual tide has turned for the better. In a tidal wave of justice, God is exposing the crooked activities of people in authority, and He is only getting started. Justice is coming one way or another … even to obscure cases involving perpetrators who think they’re invincible and invisible.

Yes, God’s patience toward us has its limits. While I’m thankful for His justice, I’m equally grateful for His extraordinary mercy in allowing criminals to get caught. How is this mercy? (Isaiah55) This might be that person’s golden opportunity to turn from evil and receive forgiveness … before Jesus returns.

Let’s not applaud too loudly yet over this wave of justice. Remember, the Lord shows no favoritism to any man. “…For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike” Matthew 5:45b At a recent conference I attended, a timely prophetic word was spoken to believers: whatever spiritual laxity you’ve been getting away with, God will no longer tolerate it (my paraphrase). 

Don’t know about you, but I’m doing a Hebrews12 cleanse! Today.

That said …


Are we set to plunder?

Ready for the next phase? 

As court judges publicly announce sentences, we sense the collective sigh (or growl) of relief from the victims of these crimes. For most, this will be all they receive — the satisfaction of knowing their offender is finally exposed and (maybe) going to prison.

Is there any advantage for Christ-followers during this season of justice?

Yes! We have the opportunity to plunder the enemy’s camp, to get back what the enemy has stolen — with interest. One of several historical examples: when Moses led the Israelites left Egypt, and their oppressors gave them anything they wanted, read Exodus 12. And of course, in His work on the cross, Jesus plundered, or stripped, Hell of it’s authority and set captives free! 

We have entered a very unique season on the spiritual timetable. God has amazing things in store for those who carve out time to seek Him on this. (Genesis12&Numbers24) Double amazing!

Recompense is a promise, Jeremiah 30:16. Have we met the prerequisites to receive full recompense?

Unlike His love, which is unconditional, God’s promises are conditional. He is equally just toward both parties.


He will not over look our un-repented sin in this court case (i.e. bitterness). But if we’ve cleansed our hearts (Psalm 51) turned from our sin, and remain humble, then when He looks our way, He will only see the Blood of Jesus that has covered our debt. He is instantly faithful to forgive us every time. God is just to forgive us our sins because of Christ, and he will continue to cleanse us from all unrighteousness 1John1:9



Steps for plundering the enemy camp:

  • Forgive your offender—as a decided act of your will.
  • Repent—turn from all evil thoughts toward your offender(s) 2Chron7.
  • Humble yourself before God. Go low, stay low, let Him exalt you 1Peter5.
  • Praise the name of Jesus over every circumstance.
  • Thank Him for being Who He is in the midst of it all. (Helpful info)
  • Then bless those who’ve persecuted you, pray for them Luke6
  • Cover your situation in the blood of Jesus. Take communion any time, anywhere, and often; and bless your offenders in an atmosphere of remembering the what Christ did on the cross for all humanity.

My heart is cleansed — check.
My conscience is squeaky clean — check.
Let us plunder!

“Father in Heaven, I come humbly before You and ask, in Jesus’s name, for restoration of everything the enemy has stolen—the years, sanity, finances, relationships, health, full healing…” 

Don’t underestimate God’s desire or ability to restore.


Which of the prerequisites is most challenging for you?


The Readiness of the Embattled Spirit

P.S. Here’s a good article on “The Spoils of Spiritual Warfare” by David Wilkerson



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