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Embattled Spirit studio

Please welcome . . . 



A pre-med student from Mayfield Village, Ohio



Let’s hear what he has to say about Destiny Defied.

J.A. – I see you’ve brought a duffel bag with you. Going on vacation?

ISAAC – My three best friends and I have been planning a trip to the tropics for about a year. Beach parties. Body surfing. It’s gonna be totally rad.

J.A. – Sounds fun. Someplace touristy?

ISAAC – No. Our mentor owns this private island south of Florida, not far from Cuba. He says, “Funny things always happen on the Cay.” I’m ready to find out what.

J.A.Funny doesn’t necessarily mean anything good. You’re not concerned?

ISAAC – Ha! I live for adventure. The riskier the better. Ask anyone who knows me.

J.A. – I feel for your mother. So what about the girl?

ISAAC – No girls. This is a guy trip. Male bonding to the max. I doubt any girls could handle our spartan setting anyway.  Jase will be the only one to suffer withdrawals. All he thinks about is girls — when he’s not playing his guitar, that is.

J.A. – (Laughs) Then I think you do have some “funny” things to look forward to. Who else is going with you besides the music major Jase ?

ISAAC – Sabio Quinn, Ivy Leaguer, the smartest dude I know. And Akiko Foxx, a theater major. We’ve all been friends since kindergarten. Kiko’s kind of a prude, but we still  love him. Don’t tell him I said that.

J. A. – You’ve got quite the mix of personalities going. And I must admit you’re all brave to spend an entire seven days separated from civilization and not knowing what weirdos might show up unexpectedly.

ISAAC – Chill out. We’ve got a ham radio for communication.

J. A. –  That’s comforting. I’m sure you’ll all have the time of your lives. Thanks for taking a few minutes away from school and work to chat with us here in the Embattled Spirit studio. We’ll plan on meeting your friends another time.

(And thank you to the audience for not telling Isaac he’s only a fictional character from 1990. We wouldn’t want to dent his ego, yet.)




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2 Responses to “Destiny Defied Character Interview”

  1. Marji Laine says:

    Great interview. I have a feeling Isaac is a big talker. Can’t wait to see what they find at that Cay!

  2. J.A.Marx says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Marji. And I think you have some insider information going on behind your comment. LOL


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