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Some things never change. Like man’s character. The other day, my daughter quoted someone saying, “We are the only species that murders its own.” Well, I’m not sure we’re the ONLY species, considering the Nat Geo shows I’ve watched. But I will agree that man pursues evil, even under the guise of doing good. I agree that the entire human race has become corrupt. No one does good. Not a single ONE! Psa 14:2-3

This is disturbing, for I am human.


Reading in the book of Amos, chapter 2, I was convicted (again) by Israel’s overall lack of trust in God and her apathy and disdain toward His commandments to honor each other and to honor God. They even told the truth-speaking messengers of God to “SHUT UP.” v.12


Evil hasn’t changed in a few millennia; we’ve just progressed in our methods and our false advertising.

We still embezzle. Steal. Condemn. We still sell our children or burn them as sacrifices. We kill our spouses, or our neighbor’s spouse. We blame the system, our parents, and God for our failure. Then we claim insanity to cover for our misdeeds.


We need help. We need it bad.


You, O Lord, created us and have every right—and perhaps an obligation—to punish us. We have fallen so far from truth and righteousness it’s not funny. It’s frightening how we can kill each other — and enjoy it. (Has anyone applauded any blow-em-up movies recently? I have.) 🙁

We’re greedy and needy.

We’re ungrateful and vindictive.

We don’t know how to live rightly,

nor do we ask Him to teach us how.

Our evil deeds, our mistakes are like

huge blemishes on the face of earth,

festering and boiling over with pus.

Our ever-changing worldly ideas

on how to “cure” humanity

merely inflame the damage we’ve set in motion.


(btw- I’m still describing the church)


God’s heart opposes oppression,

yet we oppress.

 He hates deception and pride,

yet we thrive on lies and self-promotion.

We deserve condemnation, even death

But Jesus Christ . . . came

(speak to our hearts)

He came.

He healed.

He loved.

He protected.

He set free.

He gave.

He judged not.

He appreciated.

He needed nothing,

Yet He wanted all—

All of us.


He stole . . . hearts

He slayed . . . sickness

He cheated . . . death

He subdued . . . evil

He crucified . . . Himself

(open our eyes, Holy Spirit)

No one and nothing was like Him, is like Him, nor will be like Him.

He’s the One and Only.

He proved to be the way to live;

He lived as truth defined and revealed;

He was life made flesh. 


If we become what we believe, then how must I define myself?


How am I supposed to view my temporal, here-today-gone-tomorrow life on earth? For I am caught up in—overly fixated on and obsessed with—gender and gender “choices.”

I name my child Junior so I can carry on my family name.

I establish days to memorialize my origins, and then fiercely argue and defend to the death my so-called rights based on the color of my skin or my religion.

The amount of my resources somehow gives me the right to oppress or ignore those who have fewer to no resources at all.


“There is (now no distinction) neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

My sexuality does not define me.

Nor does my family name or my ethnicity define me.

My status in society does not define me.

Even my given name must not define me.


My faith in Christ defines me. The Maker gives me purpose.


A new name I now seek: <>      <         Lover of God and truth

A new way I seek: <><><>                  Being led by His Spirit

A new life I live: <><><<>><     Following the example Jesus set

Life over death.

Love over hate.

Health over sickness.

Giving over taking.

Wholly surrendered.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

There is no law against these things. No law can enforce undying truths or banish Kingdom realities.


If I align my faith in Jesus alone, then all else in my life will fall in line with Kingdom truth. Not by coercion or hard work, but by divine intervention.


Dear reader, please ask: What defines me?

Then leave your thoughts below.


The Way of the Embattled Spirit



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4 Responses to “STOP : Define Yourself”

  1. It is Christ who lives in me.

  2. J.A.Marx says:

    Amen, Patty. Now what in our lives shows this?

  3. Ryan says:

    If I may suggest a slight edit?

    “If I align my faith in Jesus alone, then all else in my life will fall in line with Kingdom truth. Not by coercion or hard work, but through my love and intention”

    I think one does not neccesarily need divine intervention, but one usually needs faith in one’s own acts. And also doubt, ironically.

  4. J.A.Marx says:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Ryan.
    I based my statement on Scripture, a source that not everyone agrees with, and that’s okay. So I’ll explain:
    Doubt is inescapable in our lives.
    Our acts (actions/works) cannot save us but they do demonstrate our faith and the 2 go hand in hand; but faith comes first (foundational).
    To trust in my acts is to trust in myself, and my self is not always right because I’m still influenced by my old nature. I need the filling, guiding presence of the Holy Spirit to constantly guide me. Daily and deeply.
    And Jesus corrected the disciples and others all the time regarding their lack of faith and their doubting.(i.e. Matthew 21 & 14)

    If you still doubt (play on words), do a word search on “faith” in an online Bible and study the verses.

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