May the Odds Be with You



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My Odds

SINCE BIRTH: My mind thinks in pieces. My interpretation of life is subject to my moods, my physical condition, and my circumstances. Not good odds for success in life.

HOW UNRELIABLE. How human! But I’m cool with this and not ashamed to admit it. It’s healthy to perceive both the glass and how much of what kind of water is in it at any given hour. Good thing life is not about me.


How God’s Odds Compare

UNFLAWED character: Loving, joyful, peaceable, patient, kind, gentle, good, faithful, self-control, just, honorable…
GOD IS 100% of these things to 100% capacity, 100% of the time.

PERFECT love: Long-suffering, compassionate, no envy, no boasting, no arrogance, no rudeness, selfless, not easily provoked, not evil, rejoices in truth, bears all, believes, hopes, endures. His Love NEVER fails. 100%

INDEFECTIBLE Wisdom: pure, peaceable, gentle, reasons with us (desires relationship over puppet people), full of mercy and good fruits, not hypocritical, no partiality.
GOD IS 100% of these things to 100% capacity 100% of the time.







God is 100% Incapable of….

Lying, stealing, cheating, cold-blooded murder, adultery, envy, disorder, timidity, hostility, striving, restlessness, rage, drunkenness… Can you say PERFECTLY TRUSTWORTHY?

And He’s 100% incapable of being mocked or fooled by anyone or anything.

All the more reason to empty myself completely and let Him live in me and through me.


The more we empty ourselves and allow God to live in us through us the less madness and wickedness humanity will suffer. The odds are always in His favor.


Only then will the odds be in our favor.

The Odds of the Embattled Spirit

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