Divine Basics to Live Stress Free


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Basic building block #1 Breathing

Simply breathe
You breathing makes Me delight in you. Just you being alive. I am the Living God who freely gave life to everything. So why would I not delight in what I created and knit together in a mother’s womb?

EVEN BEFORE salvation and my need for a Savior … just breathing made Him smile.
The second we entered this world, our Father, already loved us—all out, head-over-heals, super agape loved us.

THE SEPARATION between you and Me hurt My heart so desperately, that I sent My own Son to reconcile you to Me so you could again be one with Us: Me as your God, you as My own. Simply breathing, together.


Building block #2 Realizing

(Because you breathe) I so love you that I stepped down from Heaven to walk among you. In My eyes, you are worth every lash to My back and every drop of My blood that was shed.

DON’T ASK why. Our puny minds cannot comprehend His ways and thoughts, and any attempt we make will end up somehow warped. When we meet Him face to face, we will understand more, maybe.

My pure, makes-no-sense, radical love for you compelled Me to come to your rescue.
In fact, I run with open arm to welcome you home with a kiss.


Building block #3 Believing

I ask of you only one thing in order to reseal this lost connection with Me— Believe.
Don’t make it difficult. No amount of work will be enough payment to get you through Heaven’s gates. My Son already completed to perfection all the Work necessary.

JESUS SAID, “Believe in me and you have already passed from death into eternal life.”
Believing.  2 statements spoken in faith (agreements.)
AGREE with God that I’ve sinned. Forgive me.
AGREE that Jesus is now my Lord.

A cleansed HEART! A new Start! Oh, so good.


Building block #4 Receiving

This is the tricky part. It’s so easy it’s difficult.
GIVE UP. That’s right. Give up everything. Your way of thinking. Your personal agendas. Your way of viewing and doing life.

Ask for My grace. My thoughts. My purpose. My omniscience will open your eyes and expand your understanding.
My benchmark for generosity is lavish abundance. So you can’t lose, only gain.

LAVISH ABUNDANCE is available to everyone. Simply breathe, believe, and receive.

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Building block #5 Dreaming

DREAM BIG, because life isn’t about little you; it’s about big Him.

I wired you for good works that will gratify your deep need for significance and expand My Kingdom on the earth.
These works are the kind you alone are designed to accomplish through My Holy Spirit dwelling in you.

The motivation: Love
The fuel: Grace (His supernatural empowerment in place of human strength)



Just breathe.
Press into the One who gives you that breath.

The living, breathing Maker of the universe
eagerly seeks to amaze you beyond your wildest dreams.


The Humbled and Breathing Embattled Spirit

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4 Responses to “Divine Basics to Live Stress Free”

  1. Pat Johnston says:

    Julie thank you for allowing Him to do the good works designed for you, through you. It makes a difference.

  2. J.A. Marx says:

    I hope so, Pat. May God richly bless you today.
    And thanks for dropping by.

  3. Maxine says:

    I really want # 4! Yes, it’s so easy it’s difficult.
    Thanks for sharing Julie!!

  4. J.A. Marx says:

    I agree. And I think #4 would be the most rewarding. 🙂
    Thanks for bopping in, Maxine.

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