Love. Can You See It?


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HAS SOMEONE ever said to you, “I can’t believe in a God I can’t see.” Or, “Show me your God, and I’ll believe.” 

THIS BRINGS me to John. Not just any John, but the “disciple Jesus loved” John. In fact, Jesus entrusted his own mother to this man, and I wouldn’t doubt it if that was because John understood the real meaning of love.

IF I were on my death bed (or hanging on a cross), I’d definitely chose this kind of guy to care for the person dearest to me.  In his letters, John offers a solution to making the invisible God visible. “No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.”

WOW. You and me — a FULL expression of God when we choose to love.

AN EXPRESSION is something you can experience by sight or by touch. We see expressions on a face. We hear love expressed in songs.

SO, NEXT TIME you want to express God to someone, do it lavishly. Love your spouse faithfully. Love your children out of trouble. Love your neighbor by picking up his trash that the neighborhood dogs ripped into. Love your boss until she cracks a smile.

WITH PASSION, tell your neighbor something like this:

God is head over heels in love with you
He wants you to know Him intimately
He already knows you intimately—
Every part of you,
Every tear
Every fear
Every joy
He knows what makes you tick
He wired you perfectly as He saw fit
He designed you for a unique life on earth
Yes, you.

Seek Him with an honest heart,
and you will find Him.
You WILL find Him, because He’s serious about you.
You will be His favorite,
and He will be your God.
Imagine a perfect relationship like no other you’ve ever experienced.



IT’S THAT SIMPLE: change your mind and believe. You don’t have to strain to change yourself.
In fact, stop kicking yourself for your failures.
Stop it! Give Him permission to change you. Then…

Simply be teachable, moldable
He will change you;
His yoke is easy
There is no judgment for those who belong to Him.

No judgment


SO DO NOT fear what man has to say about God The world does not know God.
The thoughts of mortal man are irrelevant to the immortal truth.
Choose to be different.
Turn from the shifting whims of the world that change every decade.

You can trust God,
the Rock who stands firm through every storm
I tell you this because I know Him
Despite my failures
I am loved
I am accepted

The Way of the Embattled Spirit
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