In Earth…In Heaven



An ephemeral flower with an invincible mindset.
Human wisdom conveys false power.

To the arrogant mind,
God’s wisdom is foolishness.


To truly know God
I must experience his presence
Manifested on earth.

The power of Love manifested
is the wisdom of God.
Healed, sets free, a quiet heart
is the wisdom of God.

Why settle for what is lifeless on earth
When I can thrive on what is alive in heaven?
I expect to be awed
and humbled.
I expect kindness
and joy
and a satisfied soul.
I expect to be transformed and renewed
My expectations are high.
God is higher!

In earth as it is in heaven?
Healing is in heaven
Freedom is in heaven
Strength is in heaven
Limbs are mended in heaven
Sight comes from heaven
I am made of the earth
In earth as it is in heaven!

Heaven came to earth.
I am in right standing. 
My spirit is pure and set apart,
No longer a slave to the world,
I have been kissed by heaven!

The Way of the Embattled Spirit!


I HIGHLY recommended reading this book by Bill Johnson



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