His life flashed before my mind’s eye…


His life flashed before my mind’s eye…

by Brenda from Ohio (edited by J.A. Marx)

(The names and location have been changed. All rights remain with the author)


A few summers ago, my then six year old, Sam, came home after spending the night with his friend Steven. Sweet Steven lived in a trailer park with his mother and two younger siblings and attended our church. The two had become friends in kindergarten that year. Boys know how to get dirty, and Sam was no exception. I immediately put him in the bathtub, unaware that what he was about to tell me would all but give me a heart attack.

Six months prior, I’d asked God to show me how to pray for my child. I’d felt as if I’d been praying the same old thing over and over, sending up cold, ineffective supplications that could put heaven to sleep. A still small Voice replied clearly: he needs discernment and wisdom beyond his years. So, I started praying that for Sam. For six straight months, I prayed as I felt God had directed.

Sam stepped into the bath and I sat against the wall while we caught up on his overnighter. He’s a very straightforward kid, not a storyteller, not given to exaggeration. Exposed and exploring his privates, he said out of the blue, “Steven asked me if I wanted to kiss his (male part).”


My heart dropped into my gut. In an attempt to preserve his innocence as long as possible, we had never discussed any perversion of sexual matters. His little life now flashed before my eyes, and I foresaw him in years of therapy trying to overcome what had happened—which he hadn’t yet revealed.

I’m not sure how, but despite my inner turmoil, I managed to remain calm and investigate further. “So…what did you tell Steven?”

Sam gave me a no-duh look. “I told him no. It would hurt him and I wouldn’t like it either.”

How did a naïve six year old know this? Divine wisdom beyond his years.

Celebratory fireworks went off in my heart, and my spirit did happy cartwheels at his answer. Without making a big deal of what happened, I praised his good choice. And then we discussed appropriate and inappropriate touch.

Needing to inform Steven’s mother, I called her immediately. I have lots of sympathy for single mothers, so with much gentleness, I informed her of what had happened. She panicked. We prayed and talked through a counter strategy. She soon discovered that a teenager in her neighborhood (abused by his father) had persuaded Steven to do this same act. She got counseling help for Steven. Later, she informed me that this infectious scenario had been repeated with another boy from the church kindergarten class. That outcome was not favorable.


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J.A. response:
Prayer: An indispensable, daily battle tactic

The enemy is inherently sly. He never plays fair. If you’re down, he’ll kick you. Ephesians 6:10-18 reminds us to put on our armor daily and stand firm against all strategies of the devil (v.11). Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion (v.18).

Embattled Spirit: Bad things will continue to happen in our broken world. But as ambassadors of Christ we have been given His authority to defeat the enemy.

Power prayer based on Luke 10:18-20
“Father, You’ve recorded my name in heaven, and I have absolutely nothing to fear. You’ve given me authority and power to trample down serpents and scorpions, and you’ve given me the physical and mental strength and ability over all the power of the enemy. Nothing shall in any way harm me. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ.”

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