At the Foot of Love




I’M ON MY KNEES with my face to the ground, tears falling. Before me, all I see are strong bare feet.
I pour out sorrow, I mourn over sin, or I simply release pent-up emotion. The drizzle of molten pain spills from my heart and glistens on His skin, streaking through the dust on His feet.

THE LORD STANDS ABOVE. His feet are sturdy, grounded. His soles are thick and tough from much walking. (Devoted, He walks untiringly with the brokenhearted and downtrodden. Those who are overcome with distress, He carries.)

DURING THIS LAPSE of time where I’m on my face and my tears are glazing His feet, what is He doing?

WHEN MY SURRENDER at His feet becomes an intimate encounter with the holy ground upon which He stands, what is He doing above me, where I cannot see?

What is He doing?

. . . Selah

THE SCENE from a dramatic encounter long, long ago comes to mind. A woman, brave and purposeful, if not desperate, makes her way through a gathering of unfriendly ‘religious’ leaders who she knows are judging her. A woman of courage, she presses through, straight to the feet of Yeshua of Nazareth.

In this place, she is safe.
Bowing before Him places her under His covering.
Pouring out her whole heart before Him, what does she receive in return?

“Then He said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.’” Luke 7

So again . . .

I’M ON MY FACE and my tears are glazing his feet. What is He doing?
He is fighting off my accuser(s). The more I press into my Savior’s presence, the more He presses back my enemy—fears, doubts, lies.

BOWING BEFORE YESHUA, Son of God, means I’m turning my back on the enemy.
Worldly counsel warns to never expose your back to an enemy.
But when I turn my back to the Accuser and face the King of kings who possesses all power and authority, then anything and anybody attacking me must now face my Protector to even get close enough to touch me.

IN THE PRESENCE OF those who judged her, He said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.”
Saved. Inner peace. At the core, what more could we ever desire that’s of lasting value?

YOU FEEL CHASED. You’re tired of the accusations. The stuff of life is beating you down.
Turn your back on all of it. Take your eyes off the enemy and humble yourself before the Lord who will save you, give you peace, and even exalt you. (Note: He exalted the courageous woman, as her beautiful story of surrender made it into a bestselling Book, read by millions.)

“This woman has been forgiven much, and she is showing much love. But the person who has shown little love shows how little forgiveness he has received.” Luke 7:47 The voice


He who is forgiven little, loves little.



Receiving forgiveness—
the ultimate love-encounter.

Receive, and your love will grow.


The Faith of the Embattled Spirit

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