February Prayer


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A prayer

“Be vigilant in KEEPing the Commandment and The Revelation that Moses the servant of God laid on you: LOVE God, your God, WALK in all His ways, DO what He’s commanded, EMBRACE Him, SERVE Him with everything you are and have.” Joshua 22:5 (amp)

I am reminded of this theme, from Genesis to Revelation.


Psalm 32 – 

I  CONFESS all the deep secrets within my soul that Your Spirit has brought to my attention. I withhold nothing, for nothing is hidden from my Lord. Thank You that I am forgiven—instantly—and granted grace, for You never turn away a soul that diligently seeks You. You neither play games nor withhold any good thing from me in a power play.

YOU ARE my hiding place. Preserve me from trouble. Surround me with songs of deliverance and let my spirit dance to their perfect rhythm.

I SET ASIDE my own understanding of what’s right, good, and evil. Instruct me and teach me the way I should go (morally), Lord.

GIVE MY heart such a sensitivity to You that I move when You guide me with Your eye.

LET ME not be like the stubborn mule that has no understanding but insists on what his flesh persuades him to do.

MANY SORROWS shall be to the wicked; but I  trust in the Lord, and His mercy surrounds me—even right now.

STRESS is not Your way, therefore stress has become my red light. Help me stop and wait, realign, and breathe You in. I do have time for this, because my “being in” You supersedes my doing “for” You.

IN MY uprightness of heart, as the righteous of God, I rejoice!

I SHOUT for joy!

In Jesus’s name…


A Prayer of the Embattled Spirit

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