Trading Abundant Life


Dear friends.

IN READING the books of the Old Testament prophets, I’ve discovered many sobering realizations about humans. None that I’m proud of. While you and I are not “doomed” to follow in their footsteps, the possibility of it still exists. Check out the following and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


WHEN left to their own ways, they walked a path of self-destruction. Each time they turned away from God, their mentality deteriorated and they carried out atrocious acts. Like making their children walk through fire, alive. Inevitably, they ended up falling into captivity under oppressive rulers.


The insanity makes sense. If God is life and nothing lives without him, then an attempt at living without God is a slow death. We humans cannot escape our depravity. Sound familiar? I see it all over the TV.



BEFORE WE entertain condemning thoughts toward the idolatrous Israelites and their pagan practices, let’s remember something. You and I are human. They were given countless opportunities to return to the Lord God but chose not to out of stubbornness and selfishness. We are born with the exact same evil nature, and we have the same choices to make. Daily.

HOW CAN we turn away from the only Life Source? The Kingdom is healing, is wholeness, is fruitfulness, is blessing—on earth as it is in heaven. His Kingdom is come. Today. Wherever He is, there’s his Kingdom.


We worry and fret
despite the promise of provision and peace

We murder with our thoughts
after being completely forgiven of sin

We condemn and judge
even though His mercy was poured out on us

We are lazy
even though Jesus carried our wickedness
the green mile
to set us free

We lie and deceive,
aligning ourselves with the father of lies

We reduce God to something we can manage,
trading His godhood for our own

We choose human wealth and ability
over God’s unlimited power

We establish religious ceremonies and traditions
that undermine God’s Authority ♣♣

We reduce the gospel to a list of clichés
that render it ineffective

We have rejected abundant life


If the above qualities describe me, make me aware of it, for I will rethink my state of heart.  I am wrong. I will agree with God.

GOD’s Word is alive.
I’ll hide it in my heart and let it speak through my life

GOD’s Authority stands forever, living and bountiful.
I’ll do away with man’s tradition.

GOD’s unlimited power exceeds my abilities,
and his riches surpass my professed wealth

GOD is unmanageable.
I’ll let Him run the universe that I cannot begin to comprehend

GOD of light casts out the liar.
With conviction, I realign my loyalty

JESUS lives.
I am privileged to serve the one who conquered death

JESUS extended mercy to me,
so I will not judge you

JESUS forgave me.
My heart is free from the hatred that kills

JESUS in me is peace.
I lack nothing

He is abundant life

The way of the Embattled Spirit

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