The Song





This morning,

While walking the dog, 

I meditated on Psalm 23

My eyes opened.

My heart sang:



The Lord God keeps me;
I lack absolutely nothing. I’m fulfilled.
In You ,I am settled and at peace,
Amid a world in chaos, my soul is sound.

I drink You in,
I am satisfied.
Your beauty delights my eyes;
Your fragrance brings a sigh of content.

From the inside out
You have healed me.
Your Kingdom comes, and
my wounds no longer command my thoughts.

I was lost.
Now Your light shows me where to go;
You lead me.
Why? For Your name’s sake.
Your name is Faithful One.
Your heart knows no treachery.
You are worthy of all my praise.

Out of the pressing shadows,
my enemy charges toward me.
I cry out for You,
and You step between us
My shield.My Books j.a.marx embattled spirit

No evil overtakes me.
What is there to fear?
You are here, now.
Your Word is living action.

In You I am never condemned;
Your Spirit convicts me
and persuades me to change.

The enemy witnesses
Your goodness toward me,
Your love expressed,
Your lavish generosity.

My earthly vessel splits at the seams
from Your overflowing affection.
My heart has no choice but to expand.
Your promises will remain true
all the days of my life.
I am Your desire,
and You are mine.

The Way of the Embattled Spirit

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2 Responses to “The Song”

  1. Brandon says:

    Beautiful! Poetic!

  2. J.A.Marx says:

    Thanks Brandon. 🙂

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