The Protected Soul


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EVERY YEAR, I ask God to give me a new word, a single word that will carry meaning throughout the next 12 months. The word for 2015 was HOPE. So I researched it, and read this:

“For faith rests in the understanding, hope (resides) in the will. Faith tells what is to be done, teaches, prescribes, directs; hope stirs up the mind that it may be strong, bold, courageous, that it may suffer and endure adversity, waiting for better things. Faith is the beginning of life, before all tribulation; hope proceeds from tribulation.” Martin Luther

LITTLE DID I KNOW on January 1, 2015 how much I would need this hope to carry me through to December 31; and obviously the year’s not over yet. God clearly holds our future in His hands, and if we tune our ears to hear Him in the midst of our trials, His compassion will reign and His wisdom will guard every step taken.


The Protected Soul

Though I fell into despair, You never left me
While I wept, You lay close, catching my tears
As I grieved, You anointed me with Your healing balm
…It was well with my soul

The glare of intimidation buckled my knees, but You stood sturdy
When hostility shook its fist at me, You became my shield
In the secret place, I raged in disbelief at the lies, and You raged with me
…It was well with my soul

Catwalk view


I needed a Cyrus, You positioned one across from me
I needed a clear word, You sent me a prophet
I needed higher perspective, You sent word from the west coast
…It was well with my soul

When I was compared to other women, You favored me
I felt reduced, You said I was released
I needed immediate counsel, You sent text messages

It is still well with my soul!


Trials of the Embattled Spirit

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