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5 Great Ways to Ensure You Lose Heart!

1) RELY, heart and soul, on your bank account. If an economic depression hits, down goes your heart.
2) EXALT your job above family and health. When you get laid off/fired, your heart is laid off.
3) BIND your success to raising children. When your children “fail,” your heart experiences failure.
4) TURN to sports for ultimate fulfillment—the gym, the sports page, never miss a game. When your strength fades or your team loses, so does your heart.

5) _______ (fill in the blank)

In the big scheme of things, are the priorities of my heart in a healthy order?

ONE OF THE KINDEST and most caring warnings Jesus gave us: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasure where moth and rust can destroy, but lay up for yourselves treasure where moth and rust cannot destroy. For where your treasure is, there you heart will be also.” Matt 6:19-21

GOD CARES about my heart. He cares about your heart. He desires our prosperity.

Instead of anxiously storing up self-treasures, Seek first the Kingdom of God . . . and He’ll meet ALL your needs.
Release your children to walk the path the Father—not you—sets for them
If I lose my job, His joy carries me through because He is my Provider
If a depression hits, I personally know the One who owns all the gold and silver; and NO ONE gives with as much lavish generosity as God.


(The question is, Am I in Him?)

SHOULD I waste energy caring for people? Serving is NEVER a waste.

I’LL JUST quit my job then. Don’t be ridiculous!
WHY BOTHER exercising and eating right? Because you’re the temple of the Living God.

I honor God by serving others and maintaining my health. Do all things as if He’s your cheering section VERSE.

DOES MY HEART fully belong to God? Beliefs about God and about me reside in my heart. When these two areas are in alignment with His truth, I become a healthy vessel to bless those around me.

WHAT GOOD am I to anyone if my soul is invested in an unstable, depraved world?

I AM an alien with dual citizenship. An ambassador representing the King of Heaven, Ruler of the universe who created all . . .

Who is in all
Through Whom all life exists
And in Him all things consist, or hold together

Now that’s stability!

A heart devoted to the Living God is a heart free to love on earth without strings attached.


“Let me count all things as rubbish compared to knowing Christ” who is…

A never fading,
Ever increasing,
Never dying,

For where my treasure is, there my heart will be also.


The Loyalty of An Embattled Spirit

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