The Crown I Wear


Happy Tuesday, and welcome to today’s double whammy blog. First is a word from my early morning spent with Abba. Soak it in and discover your crown.

Second, is J.A.’s  first radio interview. You’ll find the recording below (way down there).

The crown I wear:

My adornment
My endowment
It looks good,
It feels good
A perfect fit.
I’ve been ennobled by it
Despite being undeserving
What is this crown?
He crowns me with . . .
tender mercies

God is motivated by affection
For me, for you.

This crown I wear:
It adds distinction,
It was furnished to me
I tried to put it on myself,
But I couldn’t.
Yet, I’ve been beautified with it
Dignified by it.
What is this crown?
He crowns me with loving-kindness . . .

This eternal crown does not fade, rust, or decay.
Nor is it from earth or of the world.
It has nothing to do with my worth
Yet it reflects my worth in His eyes.
Motivated by His affection,
God crowns those who fear Him

Bless the Lord, O my soul
and all that is within me,
bless His holy name!
Psa 103:1

Bless (affectionately, gratefully praise) the Lord,
O my soul, and forget not all His benefits . . .
(Bless Him) Who beautifies, dignifies, and crowns you
with loving-kindness and tender mercy;
Psa 103:2,4b (amp)


The Way of the Embattled Spirit


THE RADIO INTERVIEW from the Dottie Coffman Show

Click here to listen to the interview

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