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There are vacations, and then there are trips


Elephants, Lions, Baboons, and . . .

Maasai Villagers

the Pregnant Mother


The year, June 2011

WE SPENT the first 3 night in Arusha, Tanzania. On the 2nd morning, my husband and his 11-man climbing team took off to conquer Kilimanjaro.

With our men gone, my 17-year-old daughter and I, along with three other American women, traveled four hours into remote East Africa. (even the East Africans considered this place remote)



Teaching in TZ


THUS BEGAN our 2 week adventure living in a Maasai village. That first night, we sat across a dark table from 15 armed, tribal elders who spoke no English. With the help of two translators, we discussed the opening of the clinic we’d built them. We’d been planning this adventure for 9 months.


OVER THE NEXT FEW DAYS, we sorted through medical supplies and worked with the newly arrived Dr. Ruth (yes, that’s her real name) educating the sleepy, undernourished, knowing-no-other-way-of-life Maasai teenagers about germs, nutrition, and exercise. These teaching topics were requested.

TZ negotiations







BY THE TIME the climbing team returned—including the 5 doctors who volunteered to work the clinic—we women had settled into our boma-shaped “luxury” huts, fallen asleep to baboon and hyena howls, and made good friends with our all-muscle, HULKING BODYGUARD, Rasuly.

Me and TZ gang

Yep, Rasuly is the big guy


PRECIOUS are the Maasai children . . . and their children. (These were not siblings taking care of younger siblings)

Maasai children 2




TZ dinner

Maasai Chef


WE WEREN’T ALWAYS SURE what was for dinner. But it was very fresh.  And goats did keep disappearing.






FINALLY, the climbing team returned. We opened the Open Arms Clinic. Villagers flooded in, and the first patient was a pregnant mother in labor who hadn’t felt her baby move in a day-and-a-half. Born alive or dead, this baby would set the tone of this new clinic. Grab a tissue, listen to the entire story, and learn out the outcome here: 8 minute video


Clinic Staff

After three safaris and one week of clinic we headed home. Our bodies were saturate with volcanic dust and our hearts were forever transformed.

Horse in pajamas TZ

Horse in PJs


The Lion Sleeps tonight TZ

Close enough to touch. But we weren’t stupid.

lioness safari

This TEDxKids 10-minute video tells about this trip from the point of view of 17-year-old Talitha Marx “My Summer Among Wildebeests and Warriors






As an adult or a kid,

what was your most memorable summer?


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