Separate or Adjoined


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EARTH and Heaven – Separate or Adjoined

WE ARE earth-lings, made of earth, our bodies nourished by what the earth produces. But our spirits…

O to understand how my spirit is not of this earth but of an unseen, awesome, terrifying realm.

WHAT I can’t see affects me minute by minute, as my heart is swayed by the spirits of evil or surrendered to the supreme Ruler of Heaven and earth.

A DARK, lonely place – separation from God, emotionally & mentally. (v.9)

SEPARATION … a place of groping at emptiness and of desperately crying out yet never being heard. (v.10)

SIN shields me from my Savior-Redeemer. Willful and unconfessed sin kills from the inside out

Worldly thinking blinds me and makes the heart unreceptive to Divine Love. Oh, but a renewed mind sees the light, enabling me to receive “every good and perfect gift” that is from above.

Tongue and heart together form either a brick wall or an open entry. Sincere confession and cleansing allow the bricks to crumble.  (v.13)

Open! Open the door! See clearly!

PICTURE adjoined rooms in a hotel where one side is ALWAYS open. This is like the Lord who waits for you to seek Him; in your distress and in your happiness, seek Him.

Havoc and ruin – the opposite of Shalom (v.8)

I crave Heaven’s peace. Shalom! Lord, have mercy and show me my heart and my sin. Show me from what can I repent? Thank You for your furious divine jealousy.

WHEN DARKNESS and separation become comfortable to my heart, opening the door sounds daunting, frightening, vulnerable. Sin’s companionship is deadly, like a virus, gradually eating away bone and flesh. So “take (My) courage, for I (Jesus) have overcome the world” John 6:33.


WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE affects you by the minute, as your heart is swayed by the Darkness or surrendered to the Supreme Ruler of Heaven and earth.

“HE WHO leaves evil becomes a target and becomes a prey” (v.15); Or in the words of Paul: “Those who choose to live godly in Christ will be persecuted” 2 Timothy 3:12.


Musings of the Embattled Spirit

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