PAIN! Giving and Healing



No matter how much wealth you accumulate in your lifetime, in the end, your coffin will still be the same size. –Some Person

And my heart’s response was, “But my treasure chest in heaven has no lid or walls.”
I can accumulate spiritual wealth to my heart’s fat desire and without penalties.

Its growth knows no boundaries.
No limitations.
My treasure chest is also a foolproof lock box.

How do I make more deposits???


HEAVEN’S ECONOMY operates upside down from the world’s economy. When we feel least like loving is the exact time to give love. When we feel least like helping is the time to give help. When we’re struck down, it’s time to stand.

The key word then is:

 G I V E 


THE ABILITY to give amid difficulty and pain hints at a true, heavenly identity that’s governed by grace. Someone who freely and sincerely gives after being wronged demonstrates a level of freedom available to all but attained by few.


AM I SECURE enough in my identity that I can love the unlovable during unlovable moments?


She slandered you, marring your reputation at work. Can you bring her your best-made meal when she gets sick and can’t work?

After they recklessly totaled your only car, will your forgiveness include a sincere celebration that they survived?

When he begs forgiveness after cheating on you, does your forgiveness include a measure of blessing?

In a drunken state, she drove her truck over your child and killed him. Can you pay for her rehab?


I AM NOT SAYING ignore or belittle the pain.

To everything there is a season . . .

The process of grieving over a loss—loss of trust, loss of reputation, loss of material or life—is necessary for mental health. Never deny or repress the agony of someone’s wicked act that slams your heart and drops like a boulder into your gut and makes you wake up in the mornings sobbing and groaning. That said,….

Giving and blessing promote our healing,
Our choices will either impede or accelerate the process.



A SINCERE KIND WORD spoken to the slanderer can counter the bitterness raising its ugly head in your mind at the sight of her. (Take the thought captive)

Giving them a GENEROUS GIFT card to their favorite restaurant is a counterattack against the resentment rising in your heart over the fact you have to ask people for rides to work.

CHOOSING to massage his feet and remind him he is righteous before God can counter the destructive whisper in your heart that shouts, You’re such an idiot for cheating on me!

Thoughts of the drunk woman enter your mind and bitterness woos you. How free are you? Could you VOLUNTEER to be an on-call driver for irresponsible partiers who cope with life’s burdens by drinking the night in to oblivion?

Your kingdom come, Your will be done . . . (read)


I’m not sure, but I’d like to believe this dimension of giving QUADRUPLES your treasure in heaven. This level of freedom amid dark times is attainable, but only by those who seek God and His transforming grace during their darkest hour.

Life on earth is temporal, and God is the Avenger. His idea of punishment is far better than anything I could conger up. He is just and He holds us all accountable for our actions and speech.

God also heals, if we let Him, if we willingly surrender our hatred and anger.

No human can accomplish this level of freedom through humanistic or even religious methods. This type of transformation takes supernatural strength. (I speak from experience.)




For where envy and self-seeking exist,
confusion and every evil thing are there.
James 3:16


But the wisdom from above
is first of all pure.
It is also peace loving,
gentle at all times,
and willing to yield to others.
It is full of mercy and good deeds.
It shows no favoritism
and is always sincere. v.17


The Way of the Embattled Spirit



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