Clowns and Cones






Summertime in the Rockies!

twin sisters

Fresh air.

Blue skies.

Colorful flowers.

Childhood images roaming through my mind are making me homesick. I want to hike the mountains, clamber up pine trees, and roast weenies over a makeshift fire pit with my dad.

For the most part, I loved my childhood, though I probably would have told you differently if you’d asked me back then.

Every July was Rooftop Rodeo time. I can smell the horses; their trailers pack the fairgrounds. If I close my eyes, I hear voices echoing off the walls of the giant aluminum-looking grandstand. In the evenings, we’d sit on brown metal chairs right up front. Arabians—veiled riders and horses—paraded around the arena in an array of colors. Barrel racers. Calf ropers. And of course, the bucking bulls chased by crazy clowns running to rescue fallen riders.


Me and Apache, my first horse.


Each time we attended the rodeo, I ordered the same thing—a snow cone. They didn’t offer a zillion exotic spices the way today’s vendors do. Just simple flavors. Cherry, grape, orange, and my favorite, lime. The green syrup would inevitably leak out the bottom of the paper wrapping and into my hand. Good enough to lick.


Flavored ice isn’t an expensive treat, but the memories that funneled through those cones were priceless.



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2 Responses to “Clowns and Cones”

  1. Sharyn Kopf says:

    Pretty much every summer Sunday night after church my brothers & sister & I would beg Mom & Dad to stop at our town’s Dairy Bar for ice cream. And once in a while they would & it was like winning the lottery. I went through a phase when I only wanted a root beer float but eventually that changed to a chocolate soft serve ice cream cone. Which remains my favorite to this day.

    Since Dad would listen to St. Louis Cardinals’ games on the way home, whenever I hear baseball on the radio I’m reminded of our family ice cream nights. Now I live 3 blocks from a Dairy Queen & can go whenever I want, which is great … but definitely not as special.

    Enjoyed the walk down Reminisce Road. Thanks, J.A.!

  2. J.A.Marx says:

    Ahh. ROOT BEER FLOATS! That was one of my favorites, too, Sharyn. Our little town used to have an A&W drive-in and I remember ordering bacon burgers and RB floats.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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