How Far Would You Go?



Recalling that age-old saying…

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
If we want something bad enough, WE WILL find a way to get it. Right?

ENTERTAINMENT. Your favorite musical artiste is in town this weekend, and their concert slipped past your radar. You are desperate for a ticket. You call every box office—no luck. Will you show up at the door and pay an outrageous price to scalpers to get that ticket?

FOOD. You’re on a diet. But your absolute favorite ice cream just went on sale, half-price. If you want it badly enough, your mind will find some way to justify buying it. And eating it. To die for, right?

RELATIONSHIPS. The perfect guy (or girl) moves into the neighborhood, and he’s single. You’ll spend hours primping and dressing ‘just right’ to capture his attention. You ask your friends to to drop off anonymous love notes. You’ll write about him in your journal. How far will you go to alter your personal lifestyle to make sure your lives cross paths?

JOBS. You spot the dream job. You want it! You practice interviewing and study up on the company. You even bring Starbucks to the interviewer because your research led you to discover their favorite drink.

BUILT-IN. Our will is built-in; it drives me to get my way, my desire. Some of us go crazy and throw a fit when we feel we’ve been cheated from getting our way. Others of us dive into depression over the perceived lack, or over the loss of our desired object.

We are, by design, a driven people. James 4
Driven:  “Being under compulsion, as to succeed or excel; controlled or propelled by something specified.” -Online dictionary

WHO’S IN DENIAL? We can all agree that we go after what we want, even if it’s rushing home to catch your favorite TV show or a football game.


The bigger question:

To what extent will we go to seek, find & know the Lord God? (IF YOU stop reading here, you’ve answered this question by default.)

  • Would you pay an outrageous price (perhaps time?) to spend time in God’s presence?
  • Is He worth studying? Is your relationship with Jesus worth tracking in a journal?
  • Have you ever sacrificed food or television or games to read the Word He says has “the power to save your soul”? James 1
  • Is your life/future worth it to you to take a week off only to read, pray, and worship? (a mini sabbatical)

GLOSSING? Did you just gloss over those bullet-point questions?

You will seek Me and find Me,
when you search for Me
with ALL your heart. Jeremiah 29

Love the Lord your God
with ALL your heart
and with ALL your soul
and with ALL your strength
and with ALL your mind Luke 10

“ALL” sounds a lot like an act of man’s will. Do I “will” for this relationship to happen? If yes, what’s the proof?


We’ve got a lot of “part time Christians seeking the favor of a full-time God.” -Pastor Tony Evans


VALUABLE. Jesus Christ sacrificed to the point of death to make a way for us to find God the Creator. We are that valuable in His eyes.

Or is my time more valuable to me than pursuing the One who created time?


You were worth Lord’s time, worth His ‘ALL’

How much of your present lifestyle
would you alter
in order “to seek and find” Him?

The Passion of the Embattled Spirit


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