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Can you guess what happened this week?

5 days – 5 questions


A LITTLE FUN to start off the summer months and test your trivia knowledge. Watch for the hints in italics. The answers are at the bottom of this post below J.A.’s signature (no cheating). Just for kicks, post the number of questions you answered correctly in the comment section. Even better, include an “event” that happened this week in history.

Let’s begin…


JUNE 5th  – Eureka!–is the name of the small college this favored politician graduated from with a degree in sociology and economic. Back in high school, he served as president of his student council; he stood out at football, basketball, and track, as well as acting in several plays. Toward the end of WWII, he made training films for the military as part of his active duty. Despite his lack of experience in government, he won the election for governor in The Golden State, and he did it for the gipper.

The name of the politician that died on this day is __________ (include the year, and you’re a true history buff!)


JUNE 6th – Although this “concept” didn’t reach its heyday until the late 50s and early 60s, it rolled into history on Crescent Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey in 1933. What inspired Richard Hollingshead? His mother’s struggle to sit comfortably in the “seats” at the traditional “venue” of this sort. What a caring son! I personally enjoyed this form of entertainment as a kid and as an adult. For teens with a DL, it was an inviting (and risky) date opportunity. For parents, caring for their babies during the entertainment just got easier. There used to be 4,000 of these in the country; that number has dwindled to fewer than 400.

What form of outdoor entertainment did Mr. Hollingshead bring us? _______


JUNE 7th – This “fun place” opened in 1968 and is still the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside of Copenhagen. Five other parks by this name have been built in other parts of the world: Windsor, Germany, Malaysia, California, and Florida. Three of the 9 themed areas are Imagination Zone, Pirate’s Land, and Knight’s Kingdom. I guarantee, if you have not visited one of these parks, you have likely played with its building material.

What park did Denmark introduce to the world? ___________


JUNE 8th -On this day in 1999, some 1.3 million copies of the final book in this trilogy hit the bookshelves. Although it topped the bestseller charts, you have to be a glutton for psychological punishment to read this gruesome story that was also made into a movie. (The author’s very first novel was Black Sunday, 1975.) The antihero, like the author, is a gourmet chef with a taste for fine wines. That said, if this well-mannered, psycho-antihero invites you to dinner, just say no, thank you.

Name the last novel in the trilogy: __________


JUNE 9th – This short-tempered fowl made his movie debut on this day in 1934. His first book appearance happened in 1931. When he’s super excited about something, he often mutters, “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…” under his breath. On a personal note, when J.A. was a little girl, her cousin Bill from Nebraska used to imitate this character’s speech and make her laugh.

Name this alliterate fowl: _________



How well did you do?

The answers are below.



Thanks for playing with J.A.









Former President Ronald Regan (2004)
Drive-in Theaters
The world’s original Legoland Park (click to watch a 3 minute 1968 video)
“Hannibal Lector,” by Thomas Harris
Donald Duck


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