Best Foot Forward



Even with my best foot forward,

I still fall way short


When I’m at peace, it’s contagious>>>>>>>>>>>>but I’m not the Source of peace

I live with joy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> but I’m not the fullness of Joy

I like to think I’m patient toward people>>>>>>>>>but I am not extraordinarily Patient

I can be kind>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but my kindness is not immeasurable

Motherhood has taught me gentleness >>>>>>>>>but my gentleness cannot give you rest

I am faithful>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but complete Faithfulness eludes me

Through grace, I love those who bug me>>>>>>>>but I’m nothing close to reckless Love

I’d like to be known as good>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but perfect Goodness I am not

Yes, we are made in the image of God and He freely gives His Holy Spirit to whose who ask.

Yes, we are complete in Christ and can do all things through Him who is our strength.

brotherly love

But we are not God.

. . . so chillax and just be you.


The Way of the Embattled Spirit

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