Be dark or be light?



Lights OFF

NEVER FAILS. I stub my toes, bump my head, and step on sharp things when I try to maneuver through the darkness. The lack of light masks the dangers.

PARALLELS. Whatever concepts or data exist in the physical, I tend to think they have (often truer) counterparts in the spiritual realm that are worth examining. So what about spiritual dark and light?

“For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as children of Light.” Ephesians 5:8, emphasis mine

CREEPY. Humans can be darkness, not just be in the dark. Sounds like a story title: “The Walking Darkness.” This brings to mind the movie staring Tom Hanks, “The Green Mile,” and the freaky, scary declaration made by the officer accompanying the death row inmate to the electric chair, “Dead man walking!”


A movie title or a real condition?

Darkness (the context for the above verse is translated from the Greek) skotos: root word ska – meaning “to cover” (study tool):

  • Spiritual, moral, & intellectual darkness.
  • Darkness arises from error, ignorance, disobedience, willful blindness, and rebellion.
  • An evil system absolutely opposed to the light.


STORY SYNOPSIS for “The Walking Darkness.” Genre: horror. Characters cause stumbling and blindness and promote ignorance and disobedience. They walk in opposition to rather than in alignment with the Light and become a cancerous walking dead. Result: a pandemic, gangrene of the soul. (Free storyline. Who wants to write it?)


Lights OFF ON

“. . .Walk as children of Light [lead the lives of those native-born to the Light]; for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.” — No gangrene there! Eph 5

  • Aggressive goodness (making deliberate preferences of right over wrong, a firm resistance of moral evil)
  • Uncompromising righteousness (just and holy in heart).
  • Outrageous acts of kindness (especially toward people you don’t like).
  • Living the truth over living a lie.


“‘Walk as children of light.’ Be true to your truest, deepest self. Manifest what you are. Let the sweet, sacred secrets of inward communion (with Christ) come out in the trivialities of ordinary conduct…”

MacLaren’s exposition


Light vs Darkness

THE NATIONAL NEWS is currently proving the need for kindnessnot airing judgmental opinions or derogatory comments. Kindness from a pure heart can cause a person to “rethink” their life. (Romans 2)
NOTHING about kindness entails mean and vengeful. On any level. At any time. Toward anyone.

THE CHALLENGE to be light. I’m in! I want to live an aggressive, uncompromising and outrageous life in the light.


It is a lifestyle!
Are you in?

Father in Heaven, I will, by Your grace, live as light in this world. May my kindness lifestyle draw people away from darkness.


The Light of the Embattled Spirit


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