Why Should I Bother? part 1


Man w:flashlight to sky

WHY make the effort?

MY TIME is valuable.

WHY go out of my way to do it?

IS IT WORTH going to the trouble?

I’ll tell you why:



DEVOTION drives me
to align my mind and will
with the mind and will of God,
who is eternally & profoundly dedicated to me.


Why I “bother” with spiritual alignment:

God’s thoughts are:
» whole and complete
» they never fracture
» they are impervious to evil
» they are ridiulously consistent
» they are pure and peaceable
» His thoughts are higher mine

God’s ways are:
» never changing, yet they play out with endless creativity
» they untwist the ways that have been perverted
» they never stoop to a level of confusion or evil
» His ways work
» they lead to life
» His ways are immeasureably higher than all of man’s wisest thoughts combined

GOD’S WAYS and thoughts are trustworthy and true.


And then there’s glorious me!
(Dramatically flips hair over her shoulder)

Top of cathedral churchmy thoughts . . . :
« grow tired and drift
« they’re easily infused with gloom
« susceptible to evil
« my thoughts are not comprehensive

I AM LIMITED by relying solely on human thoughts.


my ways:
« are subject to the mundane & to deception
« can lead others astray
« are incomplete and often impotent
« can twist and become perverted

I AM LIMITED by relying solely on the world’s ways.


NEXT WEEK part 2. Stay tuned!



What of your ways and thoughts
are you going to surrender today
in exchange for His best?


The Mind and Method of an Embattled Spirit

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2 Responses to “Why Should I Bother? part 1”

  1. Raechel says:

    This is so good. Been working at it lately to give the Holy Spirit control of my mind – a hard task! But His ways ARE sooo much better!!

  2. J.A. Marx says:

    I hear you on all accounts, Rae. Thanks for dropping by.

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