Why it Matters (how we eat)




MY GUEST blogger for Fit and Food Friday is fellow writer, Amy Simpson.

AMY is an example of someone who truly loves her neighbor — but in a different way than you might expect. By the way she eats. And she’s got the statistics to support her values. The lessons she expresses caused me to re-examine my own lifestyle on many different levels.

HER article is highly worth investigating. Below is an excerpt.


“…ON THE surface, there was nothing about my childhood that conditioned me to choose vegetarianism.

BUT BELOW the surface was a very important reason: I was taught to love my neighbors.

PEOPLE OFTEN ask me why I’m a vegetarian. Some ask respectfully, others not so much. In general, people are more respectful than they were when I made this choice almost 20 years ago, but a lot of Christians still think being a vegetarian is weird and assume it’s motivated by some kind of pagan earth-worshiping impulse. On the contrary . . .

. . .  EVERY DAY we all make complex choices that–knowingly or not–have a negative impact on other people. I just want to spread a little understanding where I often find suspicion.”


AMY’S understanding is quite deep and compelling. Click here to read the entire article on her website.

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