What I Wish I knew About Nutrition



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“I wish I’d learned this three decades ago!”

Have you ever caught yourself saying that? If you’re older, you can relate. If you’re younger, here’s your chance to learn from my mistakes and ignorance regarding nutrition.

There’ s good news, and bad news.

The bad news: Disease. Sickness. Fatigue. Brain fog. ADHD. Autism. Hot flashes. Joint pain. Allergies….. Does this partial list overwhelm you, or has over-exposure numbed your mind to it? Worse yet, have you “accepted” this list as an unavoidable part of life?

If so, first slap yourself then say, “No more! For the health of my family, I reclaim control of the kitchen.”

THE GOOD NEWS: The answer to preventing and often reversing the above ailments rests mostly in our diet. While it’s great to be able to throw a frozen dinner in the microwave or drop by Micky Ds on the way home, this is a form of slow torture that leads to disease and general malaise, and for some, death.

I can relate to the time crunch-issue. As a full-time author, I need solid blocks of time for work to meet publishing deadlines. On top of that, I serve as chauffer, laundry lady, appointment maker, (former) homeschooler etc., the usual domestic obligations. Some of these tasks I can delegate. But there’s one role I will no longer relinquish. Family chef.

Using the kitchen as more than just a place to store snacks and pre-made meals is time consuming. BUT IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT.

Less sickness = fewer doctor bills

More energy = increased productivity

Better nutrition = fewer (to none) diseases

THE PAST. (You’ll cringe when you read this) 24 years ago, I fed my baby hot dogs, cheese and peas. Regularly. I knew nothing about the effects of food on the body. I personally could easily eat 4 slices of pizza in one sitting and still be hungry in a couple hours. Ice cream and diet sodas were staples.


TODAY. (See the food pyramid below)


THE PYRAMID: You might ask, “Where’s the milk?” Thanks to the pasteurization process, cow’s milk is no longer fit for human consumption. You can Google this or just look at the high volume of osteoporosis, acne, lactose intolerance, obesity, atherosclerotic plaque, arthritis, gout… in the USA (some of these ailments can also be caused by other foods). Unlike the 80% of milk protein (casein) from cows, the majority of plant-based protein can be absorbed healthfully into our bloodstream.

WHY NO WHEAT? Gluten allergies. I don’t have space/time to list the gritty details, so you have to trust me on this one.

The struggle.  “But I just can’t make it happen. I can’t stand the taste of kale, beets, broccoli, straight water____.” ←insert your choice of healthy food item. 

YOU’RE NOT ALONE. My daughter was the same way. She suffers from candidiasis, which had invaded her organs. The first thing her doctor did was put her on a broth fast** (plus supplements) She had to get over her sugar addiction to reboot her system. The next thing I know, she’s requesting foods like acorn squash and kale. What!?!? My daughter eating squash and making kale chips is a miracle.

Drastic changes call for drastic measures.

I NEEDED HELP, TOO. I hired a personal fitness/nutrition coach, who re-trained me not only in exercise but on what to eat and how often. After my body went through two hellish days of “detox,” my overall wellness took a turn for the better—far better than I ever imagined. Bread was my demon. (An unexpected result: my hot flashes disappeared after 3 months of no bread products (gluten? Wheat? Read my Texas Health Mom’s Blog article).

THE SECRET. Determination and prayer. If you’re dead serious about making the change, you can! My most recent purchase was a cookbook by “Forks Over Knives.” Their site also offers an educational docu-film full of research and helpful tactics regarding healthy eating (available on Netflix).

Let’s face it. Some changes are hard to make. But are they worth the sacrifice?

You alone must answer that question.


MY unprofessional and strictly personal food pyramid (not intended to be medical advice).


(Insert “healthy oils” second from the top)

*Do not attempt any extreme fast w/o doctor oversight.

** “Optional meats” are for the non-vegetarian.

Note to strict vegetarians: take liquid B vitamins (I recommend Nature’s SunshineVitamin B12 Complete”)

 Leave a comment if you want more specific information.




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