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WARNING: After reading this abridged blog, you may feel the urge to take a sabbatical from social media. Embattled Spirit is not responsible for any of the results caused by this wise urge.




by Dr. Caroline Leaf, guest blogger<>


“Twittering, instagramming and facebooking every moment is taking us away from enjoying the moment, let alone impacting communication with those we are in relationship with.

And what about our relationship with God?



<Randi Zuckerberg, sister of the Facebook founder, Mark, in her new book on the perils of technology and social media warns that just because you can document every moment, doesn’t mean that you should. This is an extremely wise statement emphasizing the danger of the 120% increase in exposure and literal addiction to multiple forms of technology in the last 10 years. This has resulted in a new kind of busy that I call milkshake multi-tasking that is affecting people’s introspection, self-reflection, self-regulation, clarity of thinking and interactive mindfulness.

This ‘milkshake-multitasking-busy’ is taking us away from a fundamental design factor that God has placed within in us: “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10.


(We have a) need to develop an ongoing conversation with with God;
a constant internal dialogue with the Holy Spirit; a literal disciplined lifestyle of praying continuously.

Did you know God designed our brains to actually do this? We are designed to direct our rest, to switch off of the external and switch on to the internal. Our brain works more efficiently with our intellectual functioning moving onto a higher level with more wisdom and peace when we direct our rest and set up an internal dialogue with God. God has designed the brain in such a way that the intrinsic activity in the non-conscious parts of our minds is where most of the mind-action takes place and it is always dominant 24 hours a day. The non-conscious mind has all the roots of the words and actions of what we say and do. And we choose with our minds what we say and do.


An ongoing conversation with God will help
bring order to our introspection
and self-reflection;

an ongoing conversation with technology
will bring chaos,
which is exactly what research is confirming.



My question to you is whether your ongoing conversation is with God or technology?


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