The Power that Changes the World


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We’ve lost love.
We’ve given in to revenge, both silent and blatant.
Our compassion is dulled, and our hearts have turned to self-focus.
Hurt people are hurting people.

We say, “I love people. I’d never hurt anyone.”
Then we openly grumble and complain on social media about a company that did us wrong.
We post insidious remarks about an person we’re at odds with.
Enter hypocrisy.

Love covers. Let God expose the evil.
Love seeks peace when possible; it never adds to the friction.
Love believes the best; hatred and fear cast judgment.
Love never belittles another person.

“I love” is a phrase that demands action and sincerity.
Love remains vulnerable and unafraid.
“I love” is a phrase constantly abused.
Without sincerity and action, “I love” becomes hypocritical and shallow.

Photo via Pixabay

Be known as trustworthy; keep you grievances off Facebook.
Don’t let another’s behavior dictate what comes out of your mouth.
Do what’s right despite what others do.

Dishonor is an expression of hate.
Love honors without partiality.
People are looking for genuine, impartial love.
Can we trust you when you say, “I love”?

We’re all looking for love!
But who will stand up and say, “No matter what, I will choose to love.”
Find God. Find Love.
Find the unloveable and start a new trend.


How will you set the trend today?

The Trend of an Embattled Spirit

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