Testing God or Trusting God



“I would NEVER test God.”
But then God gave me a closer look at me.


TESTING. My first thought was too examine the people group famous for ‘testing God.’ The generation of Israelites trudging through the wilderness for 40 years. What was the motive behind their disobedience (returning to idolatry) and behind their grumbling and complaining (unmet expectations and fear)?

TRUSTING. What was going on when Satan tested/tempted Jesus in the wilderness? Did God give the Israelites a do-over, only He let Jesus go through a condensed 40-day version of the same testing?

Another word came to mind:

INTEGRITY: the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished; adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty

  • Is my HEART in agreement with my tongue?
  • Or is my TONGUE (words) making me look better than my heart could honestly bear witness to?
  • I ASPIRE to walk in integrity . . . but that’s a darn high demand to meet.

Trust God or Test God?

Trust requires obedience

To test is presumptuous

Humility leads to trusting

Pretension leads to testing


TESTING GOD: pursuing our personal interests, lusts, and ambitions and then expecting Him to bless and cover us. (If He does send His angels to your aid, consider it a merciful rescue, not an empowerment)

TRUSTING GOD: letting every Word/expression of God sustain me, which empowers me to serve Him only, knowing He’s got me covered. Why? He is Lord and His plans always prosper.

Your will be done, Your kingdom come…” Align my will with Yours, Lord

“WHEN THE STARS ARE ALIGNED” takes on a whole new meaning for those who trust. When we, with all our heart, all our mind, all our soul, and all our strength believe in the one true God Who gives life, and in Jesus Christ Whom He sent, we can then acknowledge that He’s already put the stars in alignment.

Only out of SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS and ignorance do we search for the stars to realign themselves. Or worse, we go so low as to assume we have the power to align them.

The Way of the Embattled Spirit

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