Love and Knowledge, Finely Balanced

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Two men walk along a wide path.
Both are scholars;
Both well known in their respective fields.
Identical IQs.
Each wears a robe of honor
One man’s robe is spotless,
The other man’s is soiled.

Along comes an apprentice.
He shies away from the spotless robe,
circling widely to escape the man’s path.
The scholar with the soiled robe
Takes the apprentice gently by the arm.
Together they approach the spotless robe.
He says to his fellow scholar,
“May all be well with you, friend.”

Knowledge without love is:
A patch of weeds on your path
A know-it-all, eager to boast
A foot that crushes the weak
A hand too busy to help
“I am better than you,” says knowledge without love.


Knowledge with love is:
A friend in times of need
One who cares what you think
An active heart, willing to serve
“Please, take my seat,” says knowledge with love.


Love shows the way.
How do I model my knowledge?

The Way of the Embattled Spirit
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