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Let me introduce to you Dr. Caroline Leaf, brain scientist. If you aren’t familiar with her work, make a point to check out her website.


You are a thinking being:
You wake up in the morning
and the first thing you do is think
All day long you are thinking
processing information
through your five senses
activating existing thoughts
in the networks of your mind
The last thing you do at night
as you fall asleep is think
And even while you are sleeping
you are sorting out your thinking
The fact of the matter is
you never stop thinking!
It is the creative force
that leads to choice
producing real physical entities in the brain
which affect your spirit, soul and body.


THIS IS WHY I always teach that thinking is the most powerful thing in the Universe. . . after God of course!

THINKING IS the activity of the mind; and the mind is what the brain does. And it’s in the thinking that good and bad choices are made. It’s in our thinking that we choose to believe or not to believe the lies that our adversary, the devil, the father of lies, will present to us. It is his plan that we, as humans, passively receive his lies, think about them and – because of the concept of neuroplasticity – wire them into our brains. And, as we wire these lies into our biology, they negatively affect us spirit, soul and body.

OUR ADVERSARY is trying to convince us through his lies – because all he can do is lie – to destroy ourselves. In a recent discussion with some great friends of ours, they reminded me of the scripture in Matthew 28:18 where Jesus tells us:

“all power has been given unto me in heaven and in earth.”

IF JESUS was given all power, what does that leave the devil? Nothing!!! The only thing he can do is lie and try to convince us to believe these lies. And how do we receive his lies? Through our 5 senses, and when we begin thinking about these lies, we build them into our minds and act on them.

YOU ARE not able to control the events and circumstances of life or what other people think and choose. But you do have the power to choose what you believe and your reactions to the events and circumstances of life. We have the “mind of Christ” (1st Corinthians 2:16). So, according to science and scripture, we are able to think and choose well. We also have the Holy Spirit to guide us as “we bring all thoughts into captivity to Christ Jesus” (2nd Corinthians 10:3-5); He empowers us to think and choose well!

And even when we do choose badly,
believe the lies and wire them into our brains,
it only takes faith in what Jesus did on the cross
and 21 days to wire out the toxic physical thoughts
and wire in the health, life-giving thoughts!
This is truly God’s grace in action.

SO. . .don’t ever let any thought run rampant through your mind; capture every thought, check for the lie, reject the lie (it actually turns from electrical energy into heat energy and remember this takes 21 days) and embrace the truth!”


Dr. Leaf’s 21-day detox program is in her book “Who Switched off my brain? Toxic thoughts and emotions revised edition.” Take time to read it. It WILL change your life.

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