Do Purity and Joy Mix?




The Embattled Spirit team prays that God floods you with Pure Joy

PSALM 1-1-9 (voice)

ב beth

9 HOW can a young person remain pure?
….Only by living according to Your word.
10 I HAVE pursued You with my whole heart;
….do not let me stray from Your commands.
11 DEEP within me I have hidden Your word
….so that I will never sin against You.
12 YOU ARE blessed, O Eternal One;
….instruct me in what You require.
13 MY LIPS have told how
….You have delivered all Your wise rulings.
14 I HAVE celebrated Your testimonies
….as though rejoicing over an immeasurable fortune.
15 I WILL fix my mind on Your instructions
….and my eyes on Your path.
16 I WILL find joy in Your ordinances;
….I will remember Your word forever.

TO STRAY: to deviate from the direct course, leave the proper place, or go beyond the proper limitsto digress or become distracted

Me: His much-loved

I do not want to “stray,” which is easy to do in this world that abounds with lust-feeding opportunities. I see the effects on those who digress from Your truth. Some strive for perfection and exist without fulfillment, others suffer devastation from surrendering to deadly lust. Both suffer self-deception.

How does this psalmist declare with such ardent conviction “I will” celebrate, find joy, and remember, etc? Help me not to be fake or flippant. Mere lip service is not my desire. Help me reconcile joy with purity, two concepts my corrupt culture views as opposite and incompatible. Help my understanding.


Papa God:

Picture the infant who stops all movement to gaze intently on an object, study it, observe it. Come to me as a simple child, yet expecting much from your experience in My presence.
With total abandon, “look intently” at My word. Re-read My word with your spirit not just your physical eyes. But know that searching the word this intently is impossible without Me.
My Holy Spirit will help you, for He knows only holiness, only purity. You part is to clear everything off your schedule, put away all gadgets and noises that pose a distraction. Plan to meet Me. I’m always waiting for you.

Set the mood for our encounter by praising Me. Yes, sing! Even if it’s in a whisper. This helps position your heart to receive. And then ask My interpretation as you read. My word does not change, but the meaning can have varied effects, for your circumstance is unique from another, for I created you uniquely.

P.S. I created Joy, it’s Me. You’ll find this genuine bare essential only when you’re in My presence. More of Me, more Joy.


The Living Word encourages:

  • It might hurt, but it never harms
  • Gives hope, never discouragement
  • Brings clarity, never confusion
  • Brings order, never chaos
  • Comforts me through all of life’s storms
  • Makes me smile, genuinely


The Living Word of God is my adventure:



The Exhortation of the Embattled Spirit


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