Good health!
“It makes sense…but it doesn’t make dollars.” Andrew Saul, Ph. D

HERE’S WHAT bugs me. Today’s diseases can be prevented if not cured. Cheap. Simple. Safe. Effective. No drugs. No operations.

YET WE blindly—dare I say lazily—shift responsibility for our health to “professionals.” After all, they are professionals, right?

I’M NOT against doctors. I visit mine yearly. But he is not ultimately responsible for my well being. I am. Therefore, I must understand my body — and my options, which often counter conventional wisdom.

IF YOU are sick of gambling with your health — or your child’s health — then stop. Take control. Educate yourself and your family.

I DON’T have enough hours in the week to spend on this topic. Therefore, every 3-4 months or so, I set aside an afternoon to research new info, recipes, and just educate myself. Thus far, the changes have proved worth any sacrifice, for me and my family.

LAST MONTH, I streamed Foodmatters on Netfix, and by the end, I felt empowered. It’s worth your time to watch it.

The official site offers a 3 minute trailer of the 80 minute film.

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