Counseling the Wounded Spirit — 2 PhDs Discuss their Experiences



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Dr. David Young, PhD from DESTINY DELIVERED,

interviews real-life Counselor, Dr. Cassie Reid of CRC.

CRC is a multi-disciplinary private therapy and counseling practice located in the heart of Southlake, Texas in the Southlake Town Square. This practice was established to provide partnership with a therapist in a comfortable environment, where clients are encouraged to openly share and seek answers for peace and healing in any area of struggle.


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????David Young – It’s not often my author lets me out of the book, so this is a thrill for me to speak with someone of like mind and heart in the world of real people. Let’s start with what ages and issues  you typically work with.

DR. REID –  I work with all ages, I will see kids as young as 4 and have no upper age range. I will typically agree to see a client with any issue. I have some that I prefer, which are self-harm, suicidal ideation, anxiety, couples counseling, grief work, and family systems work. I feel that any problem can be addressed through finding the root and where individuals began to believe a lie about themselves or the situation they are in.


David Young – Couples counseling is a favorite area. My wife (soon to be certified) has started joining me in working with couples. What’s the most difficult case scenario you’ve experienced thus far in your career?

DR. REID – I think that the most challenging cases are sexual abuse or drug abuse. They seem to cause such damage and are difficult to unravel.


David Young – Sexual abuse leads right in to my next question. The client I’m about to take on is a high-energy woman named Chiara. She grew up with an abusive father. As a result, she hates all father figures (lucky me). Now that she’s entering a healthy environment, what sorts of behavior might my community of friends see manifested?

DR. REID – She may be cautious and very skeptical of most people, especially men. She would be pretty self-sufficient and want to do most things herself. She would be controlling and like to know what is happening, when, and why.


David Young – My thoughts exactly. We’ll find out for sure when Destiny Delivered releases this month. What would be your practical advice to the godly couple that is taking her under their wings?

DR. REID – I would advise them to first not take anything to heart, to proceed slowly, and to be as honest as possible with her. I would also advise them to keep her up to speed on as much as they can in order to keep her from being surprised. If they can create a safe environment then that may allow her to open up about the abuse helping her to move forward.


David Young – That’s definitely advice that’s easier to convey than to live out. Chiara was also raised in isolation on an island, and now must rebuild her life from scratch in a “foreign” world. How do you project that her naiveté toward society and culture are going to complicate her adjustment?

DR. REID – She will have more difficulty gaining control in her environment since it is so foreign. She will have to learn the new environment as well as deal with the circumstances that have occurred. She will need extra TLC from those who love her in order to adjust to her new life and find freedom.


David Young – The TLC message is one I know I’ll have to convey to many of my friends. If you had one message to convey to Chiara (or someone like her in your world) to help her wounded heart heal faster, healthfully and wholly, what would that be?

DR. REID – That there is no thing that is impossible for God or nothing too big to find true healing. It is important to be honest with yourself and about the circumstances you have faced. The longer you keep things in the dark, the longer you deny what really happened and your reality, the longer it will take for you to find true freedom.


David Young – And that’s an encouraging message, Dr. Reid, because this girl has so many layers of pain and deception to work through, it’s going to take the entirety of THE DESTINY SERIES to unearth them. What’s been the most rewarding client scenario/situation you’ve ever experienced? 

DR. REID –  I would have to say seeing a client beat heroin addiction through hearing the Holy Spirit say exactly who she is to Him. This created a sense of identity that was never possible and allowed her to stop coping and start living. She now is married, with a baby, and loving her life.


David Young –  Your answer made my neck hair dance–in a good way. So now it’s time to leave the office. What’s your favorite chillaxing activity? Mine’s shooting hoops.

DR. REID – I love to spend time trying new restaurants, spending time with friends, and seeing new things. I love to travel and love to spend time with my husband, all of these are so “recharging” for me.


David Young – If my fiction world ever collides with your real world, my wife and I will gladly meet you for dinner. Thank you, Dr. Reid, for being our guest in The Embattled Spirit Studio

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ABOUT DR. REID (she’s for real)

CASSIE REIDWith a B.A. in Psychology from Bethany College, a M.Ed. in Educational Counseling from Texas Christian University, and a Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University, Dr. Reid’s education alone would more than qualify her as a professional counselor. Combining that with her experience — serving as a school counselor and special educator, interning at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, managing the Texas Woman’s University Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic, working as a member of the National Institute of Health research grant in pain management, and partnering with numerous grief organizations — gives Cassie an excellent combination of skill and approachability that enables her to provide her clients with counseling and therapy best suited to their needs, using a counseling style fine-tuned through her educational and professional journey thus far.

Through spiritual freedom, learned therapy, and a variety of other techniques, she provides clients with a powerful plan to combat any problem. Dr. Reid would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your family. Her goal is to make the counseling experience one that is comfortable, and most importantly, one that helps her clients find freedom from their struggle.



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