Artist of the Soul



AMAZING ARTISTS. After watching three videos on how to paint waterscapes, I sat back in awe of how these people created such beauty with seemingly little effort. The Lord then asked me a few questions.

“AS THESE ARTISTS DO with their paintings, can I not so do with you and your life? If I want to shade a portion of your life or dab up the paint in another area to lighten it, am I not able to do this? Do you trust that I am working all things, for the good of those who love Me, including others, whom I’ve called according to My divine plan?

IF YOUR EXPERIENCE creates an ugly blotch on your canvas, can I not brush it out or layer over it until it suits My purpose and brings Me glory? Your soul develops many complex layers over the time you spend on earth; allow Me to relayer you from the inside out to create depth and beauty beyond 2-dimensional superficiality (Romans 12:2).

DO YOU DOUBT My word and My faithfulness to not only provide for you but fulfill you (Phil 4:19)? Or as Israel did, will you say, ‘It’s hopeless! We will stick to our own plans; each of us will stubbornly follow his own evil desires!’  Jeremiah 18:12

Pink in orange flowerLISTEN! MY DESIRE is to bless you, to give you a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11-13). Why do you turn away from Me? What attractions of the world are so great and inviting that those passing pleasures surpass the treasures of the God who formed the earth and its inhabitants in the first place? I planted the trees and raised the mountains in majesty (Amos/Psalms); I painted the delicate petals of each flower with its own distinct color and texture, and I softened the grass so you could lie down at night and reflect in awe over the diamonds I’ve scattered in the sky for your enjoyment (Psa 19:1). And that’s just a backdrop….

THESE MIGHTY WONDERS of nature rank among my smallest of thoughts in comparison to My daily loving thoughts toward you. The artistry of nature exhibits only the rich setting in which I desire you to thrive.

DON’T CONSENT to being chiseled out of stone by this fallen world and its pleasures (Ezek 36:26). You are MY beautiful masterpiece, and I am a jealous God, jealous to be your One and Only. Surrender your soul to My artistic Hands. I will fluidly tailor your life through both your earthly experiences and your spiritual experiences (Eph 2:10).

For I AM your God, and you are Mine.”

He paints me with Living Colors

The Tailoring of the Embattled Spirit

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