A Sly Killer in Our Midst


DO YOU remember the Heinz ketchup commercials? In this YouTube LINK, one little boy says “Our ketchup doesn’t take that long to come out.” And his friend replies, “You mean your mother doesn’t buy Heinz?…Wait ’til you taste it.” Anticipation is making you wait.

THOSE WERE the days. Anticipating the taste of a special meal made you salivate. Anticipating a date to the movies made you clean your room faster or get your homework done.

ANTICIPATION . . . a word of the past.

SADLY, I think the motto for today’s instant culture is best described as, “Taking the easy way out.” Why wait?

DELAYED gratification. What is that?

INSTANT is easier, usually. But not necessarily right or healthy—especially for humans who are sensually driven. We want what feels good right now.
OR, FOR the focus of this blog, we want what tastes good right now. This mindset has snuck up on us and we have essentially trained our appetites to crave unhealthy foods because they’re instant—and they are fiercely accessible. By fiercely I mean they are in your face everywhere you go.

This KILLER is causing more than just obesity and diabetes. Listen to the types of cancer table sugar causes and how it happens.
Picture me BEGGING on my knees. Educate yourselves with one or both of the following links

1) The SHORT version w/Dr. Gupta
(Listen to what SCIENTISTS and NUTRITIONISTS are discovering that everyone should know based on startling studies. What sugar growers don’t understand, or refuse to acknowledge, is amazing to me. They sound convincing to anyone who’s looking for an excuse to keep up suicidal habits.)

2) The LONG detailed version w/Dr. Lustig


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